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Posted on June 16, 2008 18:01 by smiley
Filed under: Evangelism, Praise Reports, Prayer Requests

I very seldom hear stories about people I've previously talked with. This is a very cool one.

In November 2007, I wrote an entry about a guy in the gym named Justin. Some time later, a friend of mine from the church down in south Florida, Danielle, contacted my wife and informed her that she was needing some encouragement one day and, therefore, visited my blog.  The first entry she saw was the post about Justin at L.A. Fitness.  Besides being encouraged, God also laid upon her heart to begin praying for Justin.  And, Danielle did.

I'm not sure exactly how long Danielle prayed for Justin, but eventually God burdened her heart to meet him. So, being obedient, she went to L.A. Fitness.  God spoke to her again, "You see that guy over there?  That's Justin. Go to him and ask him his name, if he was once a baseball coach, and if he remembers Joshua talking to him in the gym a few months ago."  Again, Danielle was obedient.  She walked up to the guy and asked him those questions.  It, in fact, was Justin who used to be a baseball coach.  He also remembered speaking to me a few months prior.

Danielle was so excited.  God had also put a few things on her heart to challenge Justin with.

Obviously, God's trying to get Justin's attention.  I'm excited to see Danielle being used; its a blessing to be part of a larger team.  Please keep Justin and Danielle in your prayers.

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