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Posted on December 8, 2007 00:19 by Smiley
Filed under: Miscellaneous

It's late on Saturday night.  My heart has been heavy in prayer.  I have been designing websites lately to supplement my income so that I can continue sharing the Gospel.  After much prayer, meditation and reflection, my wife and I know that I would never be completely happy unless I'm on the streets sharing the Gospel full-time.  The streets are much more than simply a call - it's a burden.  In theological circles these two are often left separated.  While I do believe they are separate, I also believe they are one and the same; the call and the burden work hand in hand.  The Church has a corporate calling and every Christian has an individual calling, or vocation; and, our burden directs and refines our Lord's specific call on our lives. So, after this time of prayer, we've decided that I'm leaving the website world in order to strictly engage in evangelism once again.  In order to do this, I have begun to increase my support raising efforts.  A few people, with all best intentions, still ask questions such as, "Why don't you get a job and share the Gospel in your free time?" This blog entry is my feeble attempt to bring the answer to light. More...

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