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Posted on April 24, 2008 14:57 by smiley
Filed under: Evangelism, Praise Reports

As you know, I had a great time at the mall the other day as I simply obeyed God and went.  Today has been no different. 

My wife and I, as we have search for a church to attened, have prayed that God would lead us to the church that he desires for us to serve Him in.  This past Sunday, we attended a church called North Lanier Baptist Church.  Both, Jeannine and I, really feel like that's where God wants us.  I met with the Missions Pastor this morning and had a wonderful conversation with him.  He gave me a brief history of the church and I shared with him a little about myself.  He also asked me what areas did I serve my church in Florida.  I shared with him a few things including teaching college students, helping a little with the youth, and also upgrading and running the sound system.  The pastor then began telling me about the needs in the church.  They were needing help with the youth, their website and someone to run sound.  The pastor informed me that their main sound technician just received a job offer in Nashville and will moving in about 5-6 weeks.  Just yesterday the pastor had told the church staff in the meeting that they all knew God was moving the family to Nashville.  The pastor continued to share that if God is moving them out, then God would move someone in to take the sound tech's place.

As I was leaving this meeting, God told me to God to a church in the south part of Forsyth County, First Redeemer Church. So I drove down there.  As I was leaving my car, God told me to take two business cards.  I went to the church office and asked for the Missions Pastor.  He came and met with me for a few minutes.  Somewhere in our conversation he asked me what I was there for exactly and I told him I didn't know, but that God wanted me to come and meet him and introduce myself. So we continued to talk about ministry a little bit more then he had to leave. He asked me if I had any business cards on me and I told him that I did.  I gave him the two that I had and told him to give the extra one to someone who might have a need for it.

Finally, God led me to another church in the north part of Forsyth County, Mountain Lake Church. As I pull into the parking lot, I saw a contruction/surveying crew in the far lot.  I really had a burden to go talk to them, but I continued to the church office.  So I went in to the office and only 2 or 3 people were there.  So I shared with them what I was doing and that I was just wanting to introduce myself.  We talked only for a few quick minutes and they encouraged me to call back next week when their Missions Pastor would be back in town. As I was leaving the office and after the fact, I just knew that I didn't come there to meet them.  As I driving back through the parking lot, I noticed those same three men talking in the far lot.  The burden came back upon me.  So I drove over to them.  Two men separated and went to talk at another truck, while one man continued reading some plans that were laying on his tailgate.  I asked God who did He want me to talk to.  God led me to the individual by himself.

 So, I started talking the gentleman; his name is Dan.  It turns out that Dan is a strong professing Christian.  However, he and his wife have been having a rough time with their second-oldest, Jacob who is 15.  We talked about Jacob and some of the things he was struggling with.  I then had an opportunity to pray with Dan, for him and his family - especially Jacob. When ended up talking for about 30 minutes today.  Dan asked me what my name was and I told him, "Smiley."  He asked if I was serious because that was the nickname that Jacob, his son, was given by his football teammates.  As I we were departing, Dan told me that he appreciated me praying with him and for his son.  Dan said that he "needed that today."

Who says, "God doesn't talk to you anymore."  He will.  Will you listen?

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